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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Start Quicker - End Quicker

I was walking through the hobby/craft store recently (big surprise, eh?) and as I looked for something totally unrelated I came across this little gem.

Isn't it too cool for school? I nearly tripped over myself doing an about face in the store. I've been using it for about a week now (I wanted to test it out first before blogging about it). Here are some features:

  • 17 outside pockets
  • 9 inside pockets
  • one zippered compartment on bottom (including a removable tray)
  • one 12" section to hold larger items

And look at the cool colors it comes in:

All this for under $20! What's great for me is that I can keep all my crochet/knit "tools" in it. I have my case of hooks, tapestry needles, scissors, hole punch, business cards, colored pencils & sharpener, sticky notes, etc, all in one place. Now I find that clean up at the end of the day is quicker because all I have to do is put each item back in their place. The next day I can start quicker because I don't have to gather up everything; it's all in one place! And if I want to take some work on a car trip I can keep everything contained easily, because...say it with me "it's all in one place"!!

*Note to those of you who are organized naturally: This may seem trivial and maybe not so exciting and perhaps even a bit silly, but seriously, finding something like this for those of us who are, let's say, organizationally challenged is nearly life changing. I'm just saying.