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Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'm back from vacation! Woo hoo! Alaska was amazing and I ended up taking 750 photos!! It's an amazing place to spend ten days! But also, aint it great to sleep in one's own bed again? My first night back from a trip though Chandler climbs all over me meowing and purring and making sure that I'm not going anywhere again anytime soon. So I'm running on about three hours sleep right now... all the photos are clickable:

First I was here:

Then here:

Which brought me to here:

Where I did a little this:

And saw some of this:

And did a whole lotta this:

I did this a few times:

Then I watched one of these:

And walked through some of these:

I even did a bit of this:

I earned some wings:

And then it all ended here: