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Friday, September 15, 2006

I Miss The 2-hour Feeding Schedule

To answer some of the questions that came up in the comment section, no I wasn't having plastic surgery to remove extra fingers. Yes this was just one vacation, not two back to back. And no I wasn't in rehab...just the opposite! Woohoo! Anywho, thank you to everyone that noticed I was missing; that touches me. Seriously.

Back to Work

I came home to this wonderful box of yarn! Super Cool Yarn Company VI had it waiting for me along with an order for one of my designs. How cool is that? And to top it off, I just found out they want another of the designs from all those swatches I sent out before vacay and the yarn is being shipped soon! Hot dang! Now if only it would dip below 90 degrees in Houston...

I can't wait to get started on this project! I've been given the freedom to use my imagination which is such a treat.

My Banana is Too Big!

And it caused the banana tree to snap in half while I was whale watching, or bear watching, or bald eagle watching, or most likely eating at one of the many many MANY buffets on board the ship.

I had contemplated harvesting the fruit before the trip and storing them in the fridge just to keep them safe while I was away. Then I thought what the hay, I'll just give them ten more days. I was very pleased to discover this morning that upon closer inspection they survived the fall!

And they are now in the ripening process. According to the research that I've done banana farmers are to pick the fruits whilst green, then let them ripen in a cool dark place. No problem! Half of my kitchen cabinets are empty anyways so they are happily resting, waiting to be consumed... Remind me to check on them once a while, mkay?