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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dudes Wear Ponchos

This is one side of the poncho I'm calling "Lil' Dude". This design is inspired by old westerns and is intended for a boy. I like this one because I plan to just trim all those ends to about 3 inches long for a fringe. Woo hoo, no weaving in ends! I love a pattern where I don't have to weave in ends! I plan to make a matching one in pinks/orange/pure white and call it "Lil' Dudette".

This is a close up of the Lil' Dude poncho to show the stitches. I was inspired by a Navajo rug that I have in my home; the rug colors are more subdued though. The stitch used makes this a hard working poncho and should be able to survive even the most active kiddo, and using acrylic yarn makes it machine washable!

Pocketpalooza Update

Thanks to everyone that helped me with the I'm On Vacation! poncho. After reviewing all your comments and also seeing the poncho on a person (thanks Maggie) I've decided to leave off the decorative pockets from the outside. I am going to create small hidden pockets on the inside big enough for a credit card, a housekey, etc. As one commenter pointed out, if the poncho were longer the outside pockets would work well. Since this one is designed for in the car and on the plane (and on the cruise ship if you're lucky!) it is just too short for outside pockets.