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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I've been RAOKed!!!

Thank you to the nice person that sent me this ginormous crochet hook! I love it!! I seriously plan to use it somehow. Just think how quickly I could get my Christmas presents made!!! I took a picture of it with my mug so that you could see just how huge it is (the hook, not my mug). Does this make me a giant among crochetiers?

One down, four to go...

This is the back of the sweater for the MWK&TDWLT book! Woo hoo! I really like how the colors are stripey then every once in a while pooley (again with the makin' up the words thing...have you read Cheaper Than Therapy?) I have two weeks to finish the front and the two sleeves. I figure that now that I have the right sized needles (hello? knit much?) and using the correct size in the pattern (why did I think I wore a size 55?) I will be able to finish it up in short order.

For some reason Cheryl has done more knitting than the baking of the pastries. Hmm, maybe she thinks I'll need a size 55 by the time she leaves? It's the sacrifice an uncle would make to help her express her art through pastries. I'm nice that way.

Rory vs. Laradee

Having a twenty year old woman in the house, and reading Crazy Aunt Purl (including all her gazillion comments...such devotion, eh?) I found myself watching Gilmore Girls last night for the first time. Okay, seriously, what is wrong with the mom (Loralee? or something like that?)?? She seems very grumpy. The daughter seems like she has it all together, but what is up with Lourabee? Is there a good reason she whines so much?