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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Someone told me it was Tuesday already. Is this true? Can anyone really prove what day it is today? What if all the calendars are wrong and it's really November 23rd right now. That would be great. Someone take care of that for me, wooodja?

What I did this weekend:

1. I put up some of the Christmas lights. This of course meant a trip to Target to get even more, because I'll be danged if that new neighbor didn't bring a truckload of Christmas decorations with him. Dang him. He's the one that also set up a haunted house in his backyard that the kids had to walk through to get their trick or treats. Dang him. Anywho, so although I know I can't compete with his decorations, and in all fairness he has a tiny house and gets much more bang for his buck (so to speak), I felt compelled to increase my holiday lightageness at least 50%. I can hear the electric meter whirring happily.

2. While at the mall finishing up the holiday gift shopping I changed electric companies to get a lower rate. See item 1 above.

3. While at the Home Depot shopping for a new toilet seat (have I mentioned the need for a new diet?) I was distracted by an electric leaf blower that also is a leaf sucker that mulches! It mulches leaves that would fit into ten big bags down to one big bag! I can vacuum the lawn now! This is a miracle of technology and made me feel much better about the need for a new toilet seat to replace the one that is wrapped with duct tape. It blows at 230mph and in case you are wondering that is indeed strong enough to lift shingles next to the gutters.

4. I felted one of the projects for the Super Cool Yarn Co. II, and thanks to everyone with their suggestions and help! I found that crocheted felted projects do not shrink 50% like knitted ones do (thanks LA El!!). I also discovered that a 12 X 12 square made with sc can have over 850 more sts than an 8 x 8 square made with the same gauge. Fascinating, no? One down, five more felted projects to go before the 13th. Send rompope please.

5. I hand addressed about fifty Christmas cards. That's only half the project though; I still need to stuff and lick the envelopes (always reminds me of George's fiance) and go stand in the extra-long holiday post office line so I can choose the perfect holiday stamps. Then there is the stamping (thank goodness they switched to self-adhesive stamps. I could never get it out of my head that cockroaches ate the glue of the lickable stamps).

6. I knitted like a madman on the sleeves for the MWK sweater. Only 4.75 inches to go!
mmm, sleeves...
I knit upside-down

Things I didn't do this weekend...

Wrap gifts. Ship said gifts. Finish project for Super Cool Yarn Co I. Work on pending comfortghan. Read or answer emails. Bake holiday goodies. Win the lotto.