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Friday, December 02, 2005

Comfortghan shipped

This is the comfort afghan that I shipped this afternoon to some lucky recipient in an undisclosed location (the ghans are to be surprises so I don't want to give it away in case she's reading this blog entry). I hope she likes it! There are squares provided by crochetiers from all over the country via Heartmade Blessings. There is also a great tote bag to keep it in made by my good friend Phyllis in New Jersey, but for some reason that didn't get in the picture this time.

The Weekend is Looming

I must must must finish the Men Who Knit sweater this weekend. I also have another three projects for a different Super Cool Yarn Co. that I have to have finished and in their hands by December 15th. I just got the yarn yesterday. There is felting involved. Wish me luck please. I still have to get the pattern written up for the original Super Cool Yarn Co.'s project so that I can get that sent to them. I'm sure they want it sooner than later. Oh yeah, then there are outdoor Christmas lights, Christmas cards, final shopping, the wrapping of the gifts (I hope y'all like the wrapping theme I chose this year...it's, er, unusual), and it all needs to be finished this weekend.

I'm going to need some liquid comfort before the end of the holiday season I believe.