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Thursday, December 01, 2005

I'm Unarmed!!

But not for long, I have officially started on the sleeves for my sweater in the Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them book. Have I told you lately that I love this yarn? It's ultramerino from Artyarns and with the size 4 needles that I'm using the drape and feel is incredible. (In case you are wondering those are napkin rings keeping the sweater from rolling up into a tube.)

Wow, look at those sleeves!
Note how fancy I am making both the sleeves at once! Okay, it was also my first time actually increasing on a knit project and I realized that I'm very good at making holes. Maybe I should knit something lacy? Anywho, I knit using the combined method and after going back to the book Confessions of a Knitting Heretic and refreshing my memory I found that making an almost invisible increase is actually quite easy!

Swift Notes

Several of you have asked about the swift that I got last week. I love it. Have I told you that lately? I bought the swift at my local yarn shop and I just looked at the box to try and give you details but alas, all the box says is "Large Swift" and it cost under a hundred bucks. I know that isn't much help, but it's all the info I have. Here is a photo of another hank I wrangled the other day, it's 100% silk from Artyarns. (I'm currently looking for the perfect pinkish pearl beads to go with it.)

mmm, silk...

Let Them Eat Pie!

This is one of the pies I made for Thanksgiving using my mom's "recipe". I used the term recipe loosely, I think most of the recipe was kept in her mind. Seriously, the recipe said "bake in 350 degree oven until done"! I'm actually surprised the ingredients had any measurements at all! So after checking it every fifteen minutes it ended up baking for about an hour and half and don't it look it yummy?! It lasted under twenty four hours. Oh oh, and BTW, not that I would indulge in this, but a tbsp of rum added to the cream before whipping makes a fantastic pumpkin pie topping.

mmm, pie...