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Monday, January 30, 2006

It's Sunny and 70 degrees in Houston!!

Sorry I haven't been posting as much as usual. I've been painting the exterior of the house (photos later - stay tuned). Also I've been busy getting submissions ready for several deadlines that are coming up. Everyone wants stuff for the holidays! There are only 11 months left, have you started your holiday projects yet?

Being Bobbi Bear - revisited

I finished the principle knitting on another Bobbi Bear. This one I worked up using Lion Brand Chunky Woolease in Claret. I love using size 17 dpn's! It's like knitting with kitchen gadgets...

Anywho, he obviously is missing his ears still, and a face, and trust me, once the neck gets tightened up (per the pattern, btw) the head ends up looking like it belongs to the body.

The first Bobbi Bear I made was while watching Dr. Zhivago. I have the two so intertwined in my bizarro mind that the entire time I made this Bobbi Bear scenes from the movie ran through my head, not to mention that SONG!

Aslan Sweater

Thanks to my buddy Dave from Boston, I have decided to cast on a project for me. Ironic isn't it? I have no time to make something for myself. So, I thought if I got the sweater going and worked on it a little at a time then it would be finished by winter (those two or three days in Houston that it actually gets cold).

The pattern says that it is easy and a good project for the beginner. So hey, what could be more fun? I'm just going to plug away at it when I get a second here and there and hope for the best.

The yarn I chose is Lorna's Laces Hand-Dyed Yarns - Shepherd Worsted Wool in the color Aslan (how could I resist the name?). The colors look like different shades of chocolate swirled together (again with the irresistability).

Sit Down!

I finally found a sofa for the family room. The room has been empty for almost two years now and apparently the stars aligned or something and here is the result. Now when I have another potluck I won't have to empty all the other rooms to have seating in the family room. Anyone want to party? It is finally comfortable to sit and crochet/knit at The Dude's!