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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Name That Purse

I have taken all your suggestions for the purse that is featured in yesterday's post and created a poll. I'm going to leave the poll open for two days since I have the pattern written and am ready to post it. But hey, I can't post it without a name, right? The poll is in the sidebar, so vote now and (big announcer voice) Name. That. Purse!

Note: The poll is now closed. Thanks for voting!!

Dudetanica Follow-up

I received an email from the publishers of the crochet encyclopedia and although they haven't received the halter/vest they did see the pic that I had on my blog and were very happy with it. They also asked me to submit some more digital images of my original stuff! Woo hoo! (I'm being cautiously happy though because I've found that last minute cuts do happen. It's why you didn't see me on the Martha Show this past fall. I'm just saying.)

No Crochet For Drew!

Today I am going to hunker down in the piano room (quiet room, no t.v. to distract) with my laptop (and it gets good wi-fi reception in there too) and a pot of green tea and get all the Men Who Knit profiles finished! I have received twelve photos and need to get them processed as well. There are a lot of details and I need to focus at this critical stage and git-er-done!