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Thursday, January 26, 2006

ParTAY at The Dude's Place

Just before I started blogging I had a get together at my house with some crochetiers from around Houston. It was a potluck affair in the afternoon on a Saturday. It was a blast! Everyone brought something and I supplied the dessert and mimosas. Nothing like drinking pitchers of mimosas then trying to crochet!

This was taken just before the first hookers (and a couple of pokers) started to arrive. Every square inch of the bar area filled with yummy food that the others had brought with them.

This is the dessert that I made. It's puff pastries filled with cream and topped with poached apple slices. It's from the Valentine's issue of Martha Stewart Living. I did a test run of the dessert the week before (always wise, never make something for the first time for a party) and it was made as one big pastry that you cut up. I didn't like how messy it was to serve, so I decided to make them as individual pastries and I was happy with the presentation. The two tier tidbit platter was my mom's. I think she would have been proud of how everything turned out.

And here I am with the star of the party, Jerrah! Isn't she adorable?