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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Woo dawgie.... dot com

I just emailed the second drafts of the profiles for Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them. What a relief!!! I sure wish I had control over who gets included as I feel like I'm friends with all these dudes now. This experience has shown me what a diverse world we live in and yet all that diversity can have something very much in common. Maybe we should all just crochet and knit for world peace...

Chic on the Halfshell

I'm just amazed at the response to this new free pattern. I'm glad all y'all are enjoying it and I love seeing the pics on your blogs! Many people have made the purse in one evening! I'm also glad I finally figured out a way to offer my free patterns as PDF downloads, and judging by the number of times that CotH was downloaded over the weekend, it was worth the effort to make it available in that format!

Dude Gear for V-day

I spent some time over the weekend working on my Cafepress store. I've added a ton of new items with new graphics. Check it out. Oh, and they are having a promition for Valentine's Day:

Support This Site

The Crochet Dude dot Com

I was able to finally capture the .com extension for thecrochetdude. So, that means that I will be revamping my online stuff soon. I've been waiting because I didn't know if I would ever be able to get the dot com addy and toyed with the idea of changing my online address to www.drewemborsky.com or www.the-crochet-dude.com , etc.

The coolest thing now is that I can start to use email addies like info@thecrochetdude.com or tapestries@thecrochetdude.com or charity@thecrochetdude.com and it all gets caught and forwarded to my .biz email address.

Now, does anyone have a suggestion of what software to use to create a website? I feel so darned limited with the templates that they offer online and would like to have a bit more freedom in designing the new site. (or if you're a webmaster/mistress and would like to barter some crochet for a website design email me at thedudeneedsanewsite@thecrochetdude.com)