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Friday, January 06, 2006

New Comfortghan

This is the comfortghan that I assembled and delivered recently. This one was a little extra special because it was for a friend of mine. It's hard to watch your friends go through difficult times but when they get one of these ghans they get a sense that they are not alone. There are people out there that care and want them to get better soon. It's very powerful. A big thanks to my peeps at Heartmade Blessings for sending me the squares!

Layout Changes

I switched my browser from IE to Firefox today. Then I promptly realized what a few of you had been telling me: my blog was all wonky in the Mozilla browser window. Sorry about that y'all, I would go into Blogger to fix it but in IE it looked fine so... I had no idea what you were talking about. Now that I am IE Free... Free! Woo hoo!! (and surfing faster, but that could just be an illusion...) I could see what you were saying and made the appropriate changes. Can you see me now.....?


Okay, so I have a bazillion and one things on my plate, Super Cool Yarn Co. II emailed me and said "that item that you are designing for next week's deadline? Could you get that to us, oh say, now??" etc, etc, but I really have been hankering to make something with that cool yarn I found in Barcelona last fall. So I cast on without fear and started this wavy poncho. I have to be honest, the pattern is super easy with only a four row repeat, but that's what I wanted so that the yarn could be the star. And hey, knitting on size 17 needles leads to instant gratification, to which I am apparently addicted.