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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I've Been Reduced

Actually I was supersized over the holidays, what with all the food and all, but that's a completely different subject... Anywho, The Crochet Dude 2006 Calendar is now on sale for 40% off. Check it out, grab yourself one, and hang me in your cubicle or home. Please. I don't get out much.

Being Bobbi Bear

Just before Christmas I decided I needed just one more thing to do. Sooo, I challenged my knitting skills and made this Bobbi Bear with Patons Up Country (some of you can figure out where I got the yarn from, it's only available in one home in the US now). Now, you have to give me a break because although I appear to know how to knit, I've only knit for less than a year now and I'm self-taught. So, that explains why my SSK and my K2tog, etc don't quite slant the right way, if I could manage to get them to slant at all.