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Friday, December 16, 2005

Did You Say Coffee?

I just returned from UPS where I shipped all the Christmas gifts. Now all there is to do is wait. Wait to see if UPS can make it through the ice and snow and deliver all the bundles of Christmas joy to their destinations. The nice kid behind the counter ensured me that the packages most likely wont get there on time since I didn't ship them 3 day guaranteed. Ho ho ho! Let's see what brown can do for me.

Here they all are wrapped up and ready to go! The first photo is an artistic extreme closeup, the other was meant to be under the tree, but Chandler would have none of that and I didn't want to de-catfur the giftwrap before shipping them. I ended up photographing the gifts on the coffee table. Mmm..coffee....

Bailey's Follow Up

I couldn't find the long straw that I normally use to sip on bottles of likker, so I had to make coffee to put the Bailey's in. It was confusing to feel like the likker was putting me to sleep while the caffeine was making the back of my eyeballs twitch. Do you know what kind of teevee programming there is in the middle of the night? I had no idea they still ran M*A*S*H reruns! I just hope those 'as seen on teevee' items are returnable. I mean, do I really need to make toast and heat up Canadian bacon AND cook an egg at the same time with the same machine? Now if it could make coffee too I would most likely keep it get one!

I'm So Proud!

Cleo donated her legs to less fortunate kitties this holiday season.