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Friday, February 24, 2006

The Joy of...

Photoshop. What did you think I was going to say?

Anywho, I've been slowly teaching myself Photoshop with the helpful Photoshop For Dummies book. I think it's called that because when you try to use the program, you so feel like a dummy. I'm pretty good with software, I'm not intimidated, etc, but c'mon Photoshop creators... give the dude a break!!!

So I wanted to cut out an image of one of my designs and make the background transparent. I looked up "masking images" (which is fancy talk for outlining) in the 8,000 page Dummies book and find out that there are ten different ways to mask an image. You know, one for furry images, one for watery images, etc. While the design in question was neither furry nor wet, I couldn't choose the correct way of masking. I closed said program, poured some..er.. milk (yeah, that's it) and watched Dr. Phil (it always makes me feel better to know that I am so not as messed up as his guests!).

Many days later (this morning) I came back to Photoshop hopeful and refreshed (plus Annie had told me it's pretty much now or never to get the photos for the 2007 calendar to her). I had a good feeling about it. I had placed Photoshop for Dummies on a prominent shelf in the family room and gushed about it for days to Chandler & Cleocatra to try and raise my Photoshop-Karma index. I think it worked a little because I was able to mask these images:

While not perfect in any sense, I feel like I actually accomplished something in Photoshop! Woo Hoo!

Square Count

Have you noticed the square count for comfortghan squares? That's right, it's up to 57 received as of today!!! Thank you thank you!! Still want to help out? Click the link at the end of the Hall of Fame in the sidebar to get the guidelines. We sure could use a bunch more squares right now!!