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Monday, February 06, 2006

4 of 6

During the Super Bowl I made some progress on a new tapestry. This one was a door prize that was given away last year in San Francisco at the CGOA conference. The winner asked for natural colors, greens/browns, etc. I estimate that I have about four out of six feet here with these squares. I'm showing them to you now because I am always amazed at how a group of seemingly random pieces can look so good once the tapestry is all assembled and hung. I'm hoping that this will be finished and shipped within a day or two! (after pics coming soon - stay tuned)

This Blue House

I don't have a pic to show you so you'll have to use your imagination! I was able to get the next exterior wall of the house painted over the weekend. This one was a bit larger and higher than the courtyard walls. I'm not very good with the heights y'all, but managed to get it done with a bit of tingly feet and slight hyperventilation. I can feel the effects today of going up and down that extension ladder!