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Monday, February 13, 2006

Phase One

Remember this?
*unfortunately you can click this photo to get a better view*

I spent a good portion of Saturday going through all this yarn, bagging it up into categories (I should have bought stock in Hefty and Ziploc!) and deciding what stays and what goes. You see, the first incarcation of The Crochet Dude was a craft booth at a local craft mall. I had purchased yarns to stock the craft booth with all kinds of goodness.

*click them for biggy view*

Now I find that many of those yarns are obsolete. The craft booth is long gone, and my focus has changed from selling goods to selling designs. I love finding fun crochet items at craft fairs and craft booths though!

Next Phase

I knew that before I could seriously think of annexing another room to my studio space I had to do some cleaning. I needed to evaluate what yarns were going to help me reach my goals, and which ones were just going to slow me down. I bagged up a lot of the yarn that works well for comfortghans and am in the process of donating them to Heartmade Blessings. One large lot of pretty Christmas yarn is going to Crochetville for their upcoming auction. No fibers actually were thrown away, just redistributed to where they will do more than collect dust.

This is my studio now!
*fortunately you can click this to get a better view*