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Monday, March 13, 2006

Hall of Fame Button

If you have sent me charity squares to benefit Heartmade Blessings I offer you this button to put on your blog. Everyone likes a button, right? And y'all deserve a little recognition; did you see how many squares I've received? (see sidebar for total)

DHL Strikes Again!

I received a package from DHL today, which is always exciting because that usually means it's from another country. There is nothing more exciting than receiving mail from a foreign, most likely exotic land. It could be cookies, or electronics, or cheese, or wool, or who knows what they have over there on the other side of the world!

It was, however, a rejection letter from the crochet encyclopedia - along with the garment that I had submitted for consideration. And you know what? Getting rejected (fulltime vocation for me it seems lately) just doesn't have the sting that one would think it would. Could be from the years of practice I had in high school (I was a geek long before I was a dude). I still have a box of rejection notes from back then. Oh well, perhaps it was careful preparation by the Universe to get me ready to launch my Dudepire (as Regina calls it).

Macro Garden

Here is a macro-shot of another plant that is blossoming in the garden. Very Georgia O'Keeffe, eh?