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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Feel Whipped... so to speak....

Yesterday, besides feeling fantastic after Regina's interview was published (thanks to everyone that emailed me and left comments both here and at Whip Up) I spent the majority of my time working on the patterns for the 2007 Crochet Pattern A Day calendar. It's fun to see so many familiar names that I see around the 'Net! Unfortunately I don't have a photo to illustrate my work. Picture this: Me. A database. A cat. A gallon of coffee (yes, I'm readdicted...). An iPod on random play.

The State of the Garden

I thought I would be nice to those of you on dialup and create a montage of the photos I took yesterday in my backyard (instead of having eleventy-seven photos posted). Plus, hey look, I Photoshopped multiple photos into a montage! Woo hoo!

*click photo for biggy view*

Now, can you name the flowers in each photo starting in the upper left-hand corner and going clockwise? There are 6 photos, and no prizes. Just the pride of knowing your flowers.