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Monday, March 06, 2006

Spring Break!

Well, not really spring break as in "Dudes Gone Wild", but thought I'd take a "break" from crochet content to share some "spring" photos....(cheesy I know...crochet content to follow).

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This is the view from my laundry room. Azaleas seem to do well around here. That one by the gazebo is so neglected yet it manages to put on this wonderful show each spring.

close-up of azalea

Fun with squirrels!!
This corn cob squirrel feeder rotates like a carousel when they try to get to the food. It's fun to watch and don't fret, they eventually figure out how to get to the food. It's like rodent Twister! Notice how the grass is starting to get green! Woo hoo!!

Yarn Arrived!

The yarn just arrived a few minutes ago for the design that Super Cool Crochet Magazine has decided to use. How much fun is that? I love getting boxes of yarn and going crazy with them! (Apparently I've chosen the correct professian. Try getting crazy with a box of yarn in your office cubicle and you get a reputation. I'm just saying.)

Crochet A Day 2007

I'm this close [ ] to finishing editing the first batch of crochet patterns that I was sent. Wow, kudos to anyone that does editing for a living! I admire you more than ever, and I hereby promise to always create patterns that make sense before sending them to you. Heretofore and a priori fiberi. Amen.