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Monday, April 10, 2006


There is a new Super Cool Yarn Co. and I'm calling it IV. Not IV, as in, I'm so busy I need an IV of either Starbuck's or Tim Horton's in my arm. No it's IV as in one after III. I just received this box of wonderful yarns that aren't even on the market yet. This yarn company I predict, based on the quality of the different yarns they sent me, is going to be hot. Now the task at hand is to transform this fiber goodness into five baby garments and a baby blanket in the next week or so. I love pressure, don't you?

Spring Springeth Forth

I whipped up one of my daisy purses at lunch time today for my friend Imaginary Maggie. She is going to give this to her granddaughter for Easter. I just shipped it this afternoon so I hope it makes in on time! (I know it will, the post office is uber-reliable.)

And before you say "dude, that looks a bit lopsided" rest assured that it's just not the greatest pic. Maggie I'm sure will testify to it's symmetry when it arrives.

If you want to whip one up at lunch yourself here is the pattern:

Super Cool Crochet Magazine(s)

I've heard from two different crochet magazines recently that some of my design submissions have been accepted! That is a total of five designs accepted in the last six weeks! Woo hoo hooo! I guess getting something published in a magazine can be crossed off my list of goals for this year!!

Yarn has arrived for just one of the designs, but I'm currently making arrangements to get the rest of the yarn here toot sweet. Some of the finished items are due May 10th!! Hear that? That's my Senseo machine whirring happily in the background...