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Friday, May 26, 2006

Meet N Greet

I just confirmed with Mary Charles Yarn Co. that I will be appearing at their wonderful store tomorrow from 10am to 6pm to meet, greet, give free impromtu crochet lessons and also consultations (bring a project or pattern you are having trouble with and I'll help you sort it out). If you are in the Houston area please stop on by!

And the very best part is that all yarn and books are on sale! Woo hoo!!

I will also have a little "trunk show" set up and you'll be able to see in person the Spring & Summer Drew-strings, Dawn, Jennifer, Do Your Wooly Vest, Do Your Cottony Vest, Chic on the Halfshell, Crazy Aunt Purl Poncho, Pretty Pleats with Mango On Top Poncho, and a new purse that I'm about to go suck out of my brain and create this evening. I think I'll call it "Julia". Come be the first to see it!

Click here for a.. map to Mary Charles Yarn Co.