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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Seven Things To Do Today

I've been trying to get an earlier start each day and yesterday went very well. By 9am I had pretty much finished any emails, paperwork, etc that needed urgent attention. I had some work to do for HMB right away, then I was able to hunker down and crochet for a couple of hours. I'm still amazed at how much other stuff there is to do to become a designer besides actually designing. It is truly a business venture and shouldn't be thought of as otherwise. Professionalism, dedication, hours of work with no compensation, etc, are all part of the deal.

This close up is of a new sweater set that I am working for my pattern line. The yarn is a wonderful cotton blend that I do believe must have been invented for the sheer joy of crochetiers. It's soft, the stitch definition is wonderful, and the drape is just fantastic. More details when I have the pattern ready to be published.

One Step Closer

I'm getting closer and closer to having the front of the house painted. It's amazing how many details have to be taken care of and I now understand why it can be costly to have your house painted. The porch for example has the ceiling, the trim, the walls, the door, the metal upright thingies, and all that has to be done in the right order with the floor being last. It was fun powerwashing the floor because as the peeling paint stripped away I was able to see all the different colors that it has been over the last 70 years. Once the porch is finished I can finish off the front of the house, much to the happiness of my poor neighbors.

Today's Agenda

  1. Ship out charity stuff
  2. Ship out design submission to NYC
  3. Crochet work for sweater set
  4. Start writing up pattern for Jennifer purse
  5. Finish assembling comfortghan
  6. Mow back lawn
  7. Attempt to give cats their heartworm pills
Not necessarily in that order