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Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's Stuck

Ever get an idea stuck in yer head? Last night while watching Deal or No Deal (isn't Donna hot?!?!) I got the idea for this purse in my head. I made it out of cotton in two colors. I finished it up this afternoon after spending about four hours yarn shopping. Hey, a dude needs supplies, right? Anywho, I will be writing up the pattern soon. I found the yarn for the cardigan that I'm working on. It's the same color green but a few shades lighter, that way the shell will have even more of a slimming effect. Now if only PB&J would have the same effect.

Yesterday's List

I did everything on my list yesterday (and one more, I designed this purse here) except the heartworm medicine. I'm going to keep talking to Cleo & Chandler and somehow get them to think that taking the medicine is their idea. It's called "reverse psychology" and it works. Such a good dad...