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Monday, May 22, 2006

Does This Blue Make My House Look Big?

Perhaps you've heard me go on and on about the talented Dave Daniels of Cabin Cove fame? He is an amazing quilter, knitter, spinster, and dyer (is that even a word?) who has recently decided to share his wonderful colorways with the world. I ordered a skein of his incredible Peruvian merino wool dyed in his own Cabin Cove colorway. As seen in this photo, Miss Chandler approves! I hope you'll go to his blog and check out everything he is offering up. He has even debuted a colorway called "Miss Lulu" that perfectly matches his cat's pink ears and blue eyes. Amazing!

Dave Daniels Cabin Cove & Mercantile

The hank has 440 yards with a gauge of 7-8 stitches per inch on size 1 to 3 needles. Any idea how big of a project I could squeeze out of that? Is that enough for a pair of dude socks?

I Need A Weekend from my Weekend

I spent a LOT of the weekend painting the house. I was able to do two more walls out front. The trim needed a lot of repair and of course it was 95 degrees and 105% humididity...you'd think I'd be slimmer. Anywho, I also worked on the floor of the porch giving it two coats of porch paint. I didn't get a photo of that yet, because, well, it's not that exciting.

While I was around back taking photos of the compost pile (more on that at a later date) I noticed the wall where I had painted all the swatches of the first set of colors that almost became the house. My main concern was making the house look good against the greenness that is Houston. There are certain houses in the 'hood that honestly clash with the green. That must be disconcerting for the occupants, wouldn't you think?

I Won!

And, since I actually posted a blog entry you can conclude that I won the heartworm medication battle. And, amaze your friends and astonish your relatives by telling them that I also clipped the cats' claws and brushed their teeth for good measure! I bet they wish I had a job outside of the house...