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Friday, May 19, 2006


I finished the shell yesterday for the twin set that I'm designing. It's a wonderful sage green made from Classic Elite yarns "Premiere" cotton blend. Love. This. Yarn. For the cardigan I needed to make the decision on color yesterday and finally settled on going a little bit lighter. This is of course with the intention of making the shell have a slimming effect, because darker colors recede. Anywho, I finished about half the cardigan a few minutes ago and thought I'd share a sneekpeek. I'm hoping to have the crocheting finished this weekend and photograph sometime next week (whilst editing the pattern).


Thank you to everyone who has left such encouraging comments and also sent me private emails about my purse designs. I'm so happy that you like them!! I think I enjoy creating them because it reminds me of Legos. When I was a lil dude (around 7 or 8 years old) I would build little villages out of Legos and always liked the challenge of engineering each building. Purses require a similar approach. There is a LOT of ripping out along the way, but it's very cool when I figure it out how to make it work.

Day Three

Today is the day that I take control and win the heartworm medicine battle. I have removed the food bowl completely and when they get hungry enough, they will each this heartworm treat. If I don't blog Monday, you'll know who really won...