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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Suede Assassination

This morning first thing I made a list of the smaller projects that I have left stewing on the back burner while making the items for the magazines. There are a lot more than I realized and I have decided to focus entirely on one item at a time until it is finished. Usually I spread myself out some working a few hours on one project, then moving on and working a few hours on another project, and in this way avoid burning out or getting fatigued.

Today's project was a purse for my neighbor across the street. No, not the one that I can see from the piano room allegedly with or without binoculars. That would just be creepy for everyone. My house is on a corner lot so the across the street to which I am referring is actually across from my faux garage, and as you could see from the photo yesterday there is a bookcase directly in between me and this neighbor. That and my guest bedroom too. Anywho, I bartered modeling services for a suede purse. She is a college student and her mother is a real estate agent and they are just about the prettiest ladies I've seen in a long time. How lucky can one dude get? First Melissa Leapman as a mentor, and now models for neighbors that will trade posing for crocheted items? I'm so glad Saturn is no longer in Uranus. I'm just saying.

This is a purse that I designed for a yarn company back in December. I called about a week ago and asked them when/where the pattern would be published and they said they had no idea. I think it is in the archives for now. Sad, aint it? Such a nice purse and no way to share it with all y'all (did you know "all y'all" is the plural of "y'all"?).


Here are few more examples of the now identified assassination nymphs (thanks everyone for helping me identify the little buggers). The adults look like dinosaurs to me (pics of those when these little dudes grow up). Good thing I have never handled one because thanks to the commenters on this lil' blog I have learned that they bite, hard, and hurt like nothing you've ever felt before. But they are beneficial insects and since I don't use chemicals in my garden I welcome their presence.

Just One More Day!!