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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

7 Days, 6 nights

As of this morning I have a stack of swatches in my new studio space that I need to get shipped out. The next step is to create the sketch of the idea, write up a description and cover letter to go with it. I have about 30 swatches to go to four different locations so I think the first thing I'll do is divide them into categories and go from there. My goal is to get them shipped out by this Friday so that I can totally focus on going to Lala-land.


Yes, next week is the taping of the DIY show. I thought about getting a haircut but since my barber has communication issues (and could possibly shave my head without my approval. It's very similar to Crazy Aunt Purl's relationship with her gardener.) I'm just going to creatively glue the hair into place with a clever cocktail of hair products (a talent developed during my high school years in the 80's). And despite the packet of info the producer sent me encouraging me to "treat myself to a manicure", I'm going to skip that too. C'mon, they'll be lucky if I don't say "fart" while taping. It's a dude thing.

I'm flying out to sunny Burbank, California and will spend two full days in the studio taping three episodes. I'm hoping they keep the studio freezing cold because I'm taking dark winter clothes with me to wear. I never figured out the key to losing 35 pounds in 7 days so now it's up to the magic of well-placed waistlines and clever color combinations to create the illusion of slimness. No wonder Oprah works out so much...

As Seen in the Backyard

I opened the blinds this morning in my bedroom and this is what I saw outside the window:
And since there were no lilies in that location last year I figured I should photograph them, in case they aren't there this afternoon. I like to prove that I'm nearly sane via digital photography.

Banana update

These just started blooming this week. They are a favorite with the migrating hummingbirds. Each fall a flock of hummingbirds stops in Houston for a two-week feeding frenzy then heads off on a non-stop flight across the Gulf of Mexico to the Yucatan Peninsula where they spend the winter. If I were in charge of evolution (which I'm not, so don't worry too much about it) I would have these little birds land on top of a cruise ship departing Galveston Island and just relax for a few days until reaching the port of Cozumel. Wouldn't that be more fun?