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Friday, August 04, 2006

Speedo or not to Speedo...

I didn't get the stack of swatches shipped out because of the step outs for the show. The swatch deadline was self-imposed, giving me and the editors at the various places a few weeks extra time. I don't like to get the swatches to them the day before the editorial deadline because although it would seem that my folder would be very fresh in their mind as they enter the decision making meeting that decides the future of the elite designers that someday I hope to become a member of, but my current strategy is to get the folders to them a little earlier so that they fall in love with my design first, before even considering everyone elses. Has it worked? Perhaps. Only time will tell.

I just spoke with the wonderful producer (such energy!) and we talked about the temp of the studio and she assured me that sometimes it's cold. When I said I was going to bring mock turtlenecks, etc, she reminded me that the clothes need to be seasonless. (??) I said "oh of course" as if I knew what that meant. No white shoes? No speedos?

Show Me The Yarn

I received another box of yarn this afternoon. This is for swatching and has to be swatched, a proposal written and overnighted back on Monday. Some deadlines are tighter than others.

if only Chandler could crochet, or had opposable thumbs