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Thursday, August 03, 2006


If I don't sit still today and just work on these step-outs I don't think I'll be able to get finished before going to LA. The studio is still in the middle of the "renovation" and I haven't been to Ikea yet, so I don't have a work surface. This particular project needs the yarn to be on a surface right next to the project or a) the tension goes wonky and b) Chandler freaks out and can't resist attacking. I'm going to have to take over the dining room again until these step-outs are finished. Can you believe I actually contemplated doing them the night before taping at the motel they are putting me up in? Hi, I come from Crazytown, USA.

Spread The Love

My friend Ruth who came to my trunk show a few weeks ago wanted some more of my business cards so she wouldn't have to give away the one I gave her. And also my sister pimps me out whenever possible at yarns stores, etc. So, I was thinking a great way to supply my pimps (that could be you, don't be shy) with business cards would to be to make them available as a PDF download. Just print out a sheet of them, cut them out (sounds like a great summer project for your cub scout or girl scout group) and take them wherever you go. Download now and spread the love: