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Thursday, September 21, 2006

It Just Looks Like a Rope

Here is an extreme close-up of the purse that I am working on for SCYC VI. It's the first of two for them. The coolest part of designing purses is that with the right combination of stitches they can defy gravity. This one definitely does that. I showed it to a friend of mine and she said "how the heck did you do that?". Music to my ears my friends.... I love this yarn too! The colors are soft and pretty and it has a strand of black wound through it. Very cool stuff.


Remember the Sirdar sweater that I've been working on for the past few weeks?

I finished the back piece while in Alaska (see previous post) and I started the sleeves last night.

I was watching Knitty Gritty the other day and knit goddess Annie was the guest designer and she demonstrated a very cool cast on. She called it a "cable cast on" and you end up with such a great rope-like edging! And you don't have to estimate how much yarn you need (I have run out of yarn more times casting on... very frustrating!) Thanks Annie!!