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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lil' Dudette

First: a special "hello" to all my Livejournal friends who are visiting today!

Now the Crochet Stuff

This is the coordinating Lil' Dudette poncho to go along with yesterday's Lil' Dude. The color changes are the same but with pinkier colors.

*all photos are clickable*

Again the ends will be trimmed to just a few inches to create a fringe (woo hoo, no weaving!). I made the sample up a little smaller than the Lil' Dude to show that it can be tailored to any size child. I love a pattern that is easily modified!!

Here is a detail photo of the colors and stitches. I'm very happy with how this design is turning out. It's actually even nicer than I had imagined when I was first conjuring it up in my mind.

Chandler stopped staring at the wall for a few minutes to come and stare at the stitches. I've tried to teach her to crochet but she doesn't have the patience.

...and this is what I found in my back yard last night. I'm sure it's some kind of lily but I have yet to identify it.