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Friday, July 29, 2005

Pretty Pleats 2.0

This is all I was able to finish on the new version of Pretty Pleats With Mango On Top before I ran out of yarn. I just got back from a yarn run and will finish it up this weekend. (Right now I have to take a nap so I can be fully awake for Sci/Fi Friday.) As I am working up this model for the booklet I am having to make some technical changes so if it looks a bit different from the original Pretty Pleats, that is why. Don't you just love the bright colors?

For those of you wondering why I took this sharp turn to poncho-land, remember the poll I took a few weeks ago? The answer that received the most votes was "poncho" and who am I to argue with the smart masses? Here are the final results:

What type of pattern would you like The Crochet Dude to design next?

12 inch afghan squares 11 % (35 votes)
6 inch afghan squares 6 %(21 votes)
Swimwear 13 %(41 votes)
Ponchos 32 %(101 votes)
Baby blankets 23 %(75 votes)
Kid's sweaters 13 %(41 votes)

Total votes 314

Second place was "baby blankets" so I most likely will be working on those in a few weeks. For now I'm going to hunker down and work on editing the patterns for my current designs. In August I hope to have published:

Nouveau Riche - the king-sized afghan inspired by Mackintosh
Coliseum - the queen-sized afghan inspired by Rome
Seven Ponchos - see the last two weeks of blog entries

And since y'all were so helpful in identifying the spider lily I found in my yard, perhaps you can figure out what this one is? I've been told it's a type of canna lily but I'm not so sure.