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Monday, August 01, 2005

Final Poncho Finished

Lemonade Curls

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I was able to get the new version of Pretty Pleats With Mango On Top finished. Here is a quick photo of it and as some may notice I had to make some changes to the design, but this one actually comes closer to my original vision of the poncho. It's a bit more "pleated" than the first version. Look for the pattern in the next couple of weeks!

The yarn used is Caron Simply Soft Brites in "mango", "papaya" and "lemonade". The white is also Caron Simply Soft. Special thanks to my yarn angel for supplying the yarn. ;)

Mystery Flower-o-the day

And of course I must post the flower I discovered just outside my home office window this morning. It wasn't there yesterday! Well, the green part was, but the flower wasn't. It's obviously some sort of lily, right? Any ideas what it's called?