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Friday, October 14, 2005

Brioche anyone?

Woo hoo! The baking has commenced!!! In the kitchen, as we speak, there is a batch of brioche doing something technical that I don't understand. And tomorrow morning The Dude will be having brioche for breakfast. Now, let me tell you honestly, I have no clue what brioche is, but I'm so excited I doubt I'll sleep tonight!!!

Men Knit Pupdate

I have completed 15.5 inches of the front of the sweater. The scary shaping part of the pattern is coming up in just under five inches. Could that be why I haven't worked on it all day? Could be, but I'm going to blame in on the brioche for now.

The Sorcery's Stoned

I saw the first Harry Potter movie last night for the first time (love you Netflix). What a great movie. Makes me want to read the book. I'm so far behind on my pop culture, what with just starting to watch the Gilmore Girls and now HP. I also have the second season of Absolutely Fabulous to watch over the weekend, which means I'll get the front of the sweater finished for sure! Unless I go into a brioche coma, or have a brioche hangover. Is that even possible?