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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Weight - Length - Girth

I have received several emails asking me to describe my crochet hook in more detail. So, here goes. It is 32 inches from base to tip, four inches thick, and weighs one pound three ounces. I'm not what size it would actually be considered, but it's the biggest one I've ever seen.

Full Frontal

I started the front of the MWK sweater last night and now have eight inches completed. The deadline is coming up so fast I sure could use some chocolate. I don't think Cheryl reads my blog but if she does... Cheryl, sweetie, Uncle Dude needs some chocolate. If I don't make my deadline it is officially her fault.


Y'all, I can't believe Dawn got the boot last night. I have yet to figure out what they had against her! Maybe her coffeehouse eyeglasses were too much for Martha to handle. I suppose they look cool but I don't think they allow you to move yours eyes up or down. Maybe they saw her in a pair of them with tinted lenses and thought she looked like a crime victim?

Patons Decor: the new pastry...

This photo shows Cheryl not making pastries for Uncle Drew. She's knitting what was intended to be a scarf but turned out too wide, I think it's karmic balance again with the not making of the pastries. On the back of the sofa you can see that I've completed another Groovy Loops square for the afghan I'm working on for Christmas.