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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lost in Brioche

Oh wow. Seriously. If you ever get the chance to have brioche...it is like having heaven baked in your house. And just the aroma alone is satisfying, let alone eating it. It's the first bread that I have ever eaten that was so good that I couldn't imagine putting anything on it!! Seriously y'all. Good stuff.


Alright, thanks to Cheryl and Crazy Aunt Purl I decided to watch Lost tonight. Yep, sure enough I was lost the entire time. I even went back to Purl's site and read last week's recap but that didn't help much. I mean, the one dude is blowing up the food, the one lady is doing laundry, the other lady is planting a garden? Sounds like a typical weekend at my house!

Do Your Vest Andy!

Andy of Crochet Andy fame is making "Do Your Wooly Vest" from my pattern booklet "Do Your Vest"! I'm so excited!! He has progress on his blog. Stop by and give him a "woo hoo" and an "atta boy"!!