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Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's all WIPs to me

I'm officially working on a gazillion projects at once. They have all been started and declared works in progress. The first step in my new organizational program is to admit that I have a problem. Hi, I'm Drew, I'm drowning in a sea of WIPs. The next step was to write it all down. I found a project book that had been given to me before (it's a fancy notebook really) and I just started listing all the things I need to do, by when, categorized them and kept the book with me so I could note anything I remembered while doing other things, like putting $37 worth of gas in the tiny gas tank of my even tinier Saturn.

Hello Mr. Paragraph, nice to meet you! Anywho, I'm going to start with the log book and see if it keeps me "on task". I've made more than one chart on the computer over the years but it's not as motivational as seeing the desperation in my own handwriting.

Red is the new black...
It's for charitah

From time to time it is more appropriate for Heartmade Blessings to send a comfortshawl instead of a comfortghan to someone in need of support. Yesterday I assembled a shawl (shown here) and pledged to have it shipped by tomorrow. All I have left to do is weave in the ends, give it a washing (sorry Chandler, not everyone wants to smell you), reattach the tags and send it off.

Groovy Loops are Fun!
Halfway there!

I've finished six out of twelve squares for the Groovy Loops ghan. Woo hoo!! If I make one square a day I could have this one checked off my list in about a week! I should write that down.

Ooh baby baby
It's a Girl...already!!

The baby that was due at the end of the month arrived already. The person that requested the baby blanket contacted me yesterday and asked me to get it to her even sooner. Good think I'm all organized!

these too shall be eaten
It's Spring in Houston!

Not really, it's actually fall like the rest of the country but almost all the seeds I planted on Sunday have sprouted. Here is an extreme closeup of the radish seedlings. Aint they cute? (A daddy always thinks his own seedlings are the cutest!)
Not enough to make a chain.
And now that it is cooling off (highs of only 90 or so) the gerbera daisies I planted over a year ago have decided to start to blossom again (they took a break over the summer).