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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hear That?

That's me holding my breath waiting for the UPS truck to show up with the eyelash yarn. Every minute that goes by is one less minute I'll have to complete the final project for them.

Sounds About Right

I just got an email from an associate editor that is working on my Men Who Knit book asking me to send in profiles, etc. Those would be the profiles that I planned to work on next week. So I suppose they should have been finished yesterday? Rats. I was shooting for the beginning of the year. I'm definitely breaking out the Senseo today.

Christmas Cheer

I received this great handmade ornament from none other than Miss Kendra. I got to know her very upclose and a bit personal while in LA last month, although it's a bit blurry since it all happened so quickly. I think we bonded over not sitting up straight(?)

Anywho, thanks for the great addition to my Christmas Tree!