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Monday, December 12, 2005

That's Not Me

You have me mistaken for someone who actually sleeps. I don't do something as silly as - oh say - sleeping, or eating regularly anymore. I spend my time under a heap of wonderful yarns from Super Cool Yarn Companies I and II. I just returned from shipping a big box of stuff to II. I would show you photos but I'm not clear if that's legal or not. Right from the get-go these projects have been theirs and I don't know if I am allowed to show "home photos" of them.

I can tell you about them, right? If you are reading this tomorrow and you've heard that the yarn company police have arrested me, send some hooks baked inside a boiled spice cake. Oh, my mom gave me the recipe for the best boiled spice cake... I should share that with all y'all sometime.


One of the projects for SCYC II was a felted rug where you hold worsted weight wool and eyelash yarn together, then when it felts the eyelash yarn gets pulled together in the wool and looks just like aminal fur. Cool, eh? To allow for the shrinkage during the felting process the three foot rug had to be made 4.5 feet across. That's a lotta eyelash yarn, let me tell ya.

The second project for said yarn company included two matching pillows in the same felted wool with eyelash yarn combo. I've seen the eyelash at the store but have never really been drawn to it. But this felted wool combined with eyelash action has stimulated me in odd ways. I see creative use of eyelash yarn in 2006; stay tuned.

Another project was three felted decorative containers that were striped. No eyelash yarn, because c'mon, you have to choose your eyelash yarn projects wisely, right? Anywho, the containers came out great and I happened to have boxes just the right size to slide them over as they dried and I was able to get very crisp corners. Writing up the pattern for the containers was much trickier than the other two projects and I hope I don't drive their pattern checkers completely wacko. That would be wrong, especially during the holidays when everything is supposed to eggnoggy and spice cakey.

Only one more project to go. Yarn has been overnighted to Houston. The project has to be finished same-day and overnighted back to SCYC II's HQ.

Christmas gifts? Those of you on my gift list that are expecting them to be shipped on time I suggest wrapping an empty box and putting it under the tree to represent the gifts from Drew that may or may not arrive in 2005. In 2006 they may be covered in eyelash yarn...or boiled spice cake crumbs.