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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Snoopy aint got nothin' on me!

Let's all join hands and do the happy dance! All my design projects have been completed and sent out! Woo hoo HOO! I have a hot date with a bottle of Rompope this evening....

Super Cool Yarn Company I

Here is the texture of the pattern that I created for the first company. I don't know when it will be made available to the public but as soon as it does I will post pics here.

I admit that if I had made the model in my size they would have had to pry the thing out of my hands. I need to make myself one of these!!!

Super Cool Yarn Company II

I received the confirmation from SCYC II that they received the items (except for the one that had to be turned around same day) and they are very pleased with the final products. Wow, I'm so relieved!! Seriously, I have been having dreams over the last few nights of felted eyelash things chasing me. Or was that a dream........

Getting Ready

I think in preparation for tonight's date with Rompope that I will now take a nap. It's 60-ish, the windows are open, there is a nice breeze... dontcha love Christmas time?