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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I added another free pattern to my free patterns page. This is one is a joining method for 12" afghan squares. I have used it on many comfortghans and have received many emails requesting the pattern. Check it out by clicking on the link in the sidebar that says "Free Patterns" or by clicking the cover pic here.

It's Growing!

The garden is really taking off. This little montage (love you Photoshop) shows the progress of some potted plants that I have in the courtyard outside the family room. The tomatoes and watermelons were grown from seed. What a miracle that is! And they are both from heirloom seeds so the fruit should tastier than a typical genetically modified fruit.

*clickable image*
About four weeks of growth

And just this afternoon I found this little dude (perhaps a dudette, how can you tell?) going straight for the watermelon vine. Luckily I was able to intercept and take him to the back 40.