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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Is That a Sheep In Your Package?

Another box of yarn arrived for some felted projects that will be in Super Cool Crochet Magazine I. I looooove Brown Sheep Yarn, and this Lambs Pride is terrific to work with. It's 85% wool and 15% Mohair and felts wonderfully! One thing though, as I've started to work up the design I realize that I didn't ask for enough yardage. Seriously, I'm about a third short and I'm still contemplating what to do. The people at Brown Sheep are terrific, very cheerful and eager to supply the yarn, but it's also my first time working with them and I don't want to call them back and say
Funny story, you know all that yarn you sent, um... *nervous snicker* I need a third more and btw, could you match the dye lot that to the yarn that you already shipped?
No, I'll make this work somehow with what I have. Oye.

I also received the email from Fed/Ex last night saying that Super Cool Crochet Magazine II has shipped the yarn for the project they want me to do. The tracking info says that it weighs two pounds. Doesn't that sound pretty heavy for some yarn? I'm hoping it means that they decided to have me do two of the projects that I submitted instead of just one.

I have been submitting an average of five design ideas per issue to several different magazines for over a year now, and I literally have a file box to contain all the rejection notices. This is the first time that anyone has shown interest in my stuff. Soooo, I never ever ever expected for SCCM I to buy four of the five design proposals that I sent them!! And at the same time for SCCM II to buy one (possibly two) of my designs. And at the same to have SCYC IV send me a huge box of yarn and say "get as many designs to us by April 28th", etc. I'm not complaining, I'm just a bit skeered!!! I wish I didn't sleep. Seriously. And they say that Senseo only takes thirty seconds but that doesn't include the filling up of the water tank, the putting in the coffee pods, and the minute it takes to heat the water before you can even push the "I NEED COFFEE NOW" button. That's an eternity in caffeine addiction time.

I'm just saying.

The Garden State

The first fruits of the season have ripened! These strawberries were plants that I put in last year and they did so-so, but this year they are producing like crazy. I believe strawberries do best their second year so you have to plant some each year to get continuous crops. But don't quote me on that.

And because I like to avoid chemical pesticides, I released 1500 of my newest garden friends. Hopefully they are eating and procreating like crazy. I also have a cocoon of praying mantis out there but they haven't hatched yet. I bet you can't wait for that photo, eh?