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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mulberry Wool

Here is some more texture for you. This is an item that will be included in a crochet magazine this fall. The prototype that I did came out nice and obviously caught the editor's attention, but the way it is working up with the provided yarn is fantastic. I couldn't be happier with the look of the final piece!

Latest Blossomings

The elephant ears that magically appeared in my compost pile over the winter, and that I then transplanted in January (and let me tell you, they were NOT happy!) have decided that it's not so bad in their new spots. The are both blossoming. I hadn't seen elephant ears blossom before and sure hope it doesn't mean they are going to kick the bucket on me now!

Yarn: Diva Style

Cheryl of Diva Knitting fame has bought ad space right here on this lil ole blog! Woo hoo!! Thanks so much Miss Thang! Anywho, see that link just to your right that says "Diva Knitting" I double dawg dare ya to click on it. Go head, her yarns are amazing!! (And no, I didn't get any free yarn to make me say that!)