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Monday, April 24, 2006

One down, eleventy seven to go!

I just shipped off the three projects that SCYC I had hired me to do over the weekend. They were felted intarsia, so you can imagine the amount of math that included! I do my charts with Excel and it makes it a bit easier. One of the reasons I like working with Excel is that I can make mathematical calculations off to the side of the chart and leave them there for reference. Then once the chart is finished I can copy/paste it into Photoshop and save it as a .jpg or whatever is appropriate.

Scunci, how do I love thee?

After a veggie snack I finished blocking a project for SCCM I. Let's just say I discovered the joy that is called Scunci. And a basketball. That's all I'm saying.

Skinless but not Boneless

Saturday morning I went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see the exhibit called Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds. It's possible you've seen it too, or at least heard about it. They have several versions of the exhibit throughout the country. Anywho, I won't go into too much detail (it's a family blog, dontcha know). It's where they took some formerly alive people and plasticized them so that you can see what the bod looks like on the inside, you know, when one is on a skinless horse or playing cards with one's skinless formerly alive friends. Ask my siblings, I pass out at the thought of blood, but this was fascinating!! Click here if you're curious (remember: it's real bodies so be ready):

Sign Here... and Here...

I received the contract from SCCM II for the item that they will be using in their fall issue. How amazing to see it all in writing!! Right there in black and beige!! (they have nice letterhead). I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel called April, especially since I've begun to send out completed items. Getting this contract in the mail represents getting even closer!!