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Friday, April 14, 2006


It's still not clear, and I think it's on a publisher to publisher basis, but I don't think I can show you the actual items that I'm currently designing. However, I can show you the texture, right? Here is are two of the items using the DK weight yarn from SCYC IV. It's so nice and I'm actually enjoying using a size D hook. Before you know it I'll be working with thread....

This other one is again worked up with the DK weight but in the round. I like working in the round, but it's tricky sometimes. It's especially tricky when you are writing a pattern in multiple sizes. I'm hoping this one turns out the way it's supposed to!!

No, it wasn't a candygram or a land shark for that matter, but the Fed/Ex person with another box of yarn. This time from Lion Brand. Bolero is 100% wool made in Italy and felts wonderfully! It's a thick-and-thin roving style yarn that works up quickly and the colors are amazing.