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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Twenty Fo Mo Hours Please

Last night right after the Daily Show I was drifting off to sleep calculating how much I needed to finish crocheting per day in order to meet the eight deadlines that are coming up FAST. Then I ended up dreaming about being on a cruise ship that was having trouble negotiating some big waves. I'm sure it was the ad for Poseidon that I had seen earlier in the evening that prompted the dream. I've taken a couple of cruises in the past and I plan to take more in the future so I will NOT be going to see THAT movie. Ain't no way. Movie images get totally burned into my memory and they do. not. go. away. On the last cruise I was on Cptn. Shlockenburgenbocken quipped "I'm not really sure why the ship doesn't tip over"...I would have given him what for if I hadn't been hanging out with Charo on the Lido Deck...

Anwho, what? Oh yeah, here is another extreme closeup of one of the projects that I'm working on. Again with the wool (do you see a theme here?) and there are actually other colors that will be mixed in but I haven't gotten to them yet(!).

Another box of yarn arrived today. These projects are due by next Wednesday so that means they have to be crocheted and have the patterns written and everything shipped by Monday. Nice colors dontcha think? Again with the wool, trend watchers.

Cuisine Setting

I discovered the cuisine setting on my camera. I'm not sure what the camera does when it's about to photograph food, but it seems to work! Breakfast anyone?