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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Science or Madness?

Today is the last day that I can work on projects for SCYC IV. Tomorrow they have to be overnighted to the northeast somewhere to be put on display at a fiber market. Cross yer hooks that they like what I send them; this could lead to a steady work flow with this new company! Today and tonight you'll find me weaving in ends and playing with my Scunci... (er, so to speak).


Museum Souvenir

The other day I mentioned that I went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see The Body Works exhibit. After any exhibit you exit into the gift shop, right? So there I am looking at tshirts with my new skinless friends on them and this is what I ended up coming home with:

It's an actual scientific beaker with the anatomical symbol for "caffeine", isn't that cool? I feel so smart as I drink out of it. Click on the pic if you want to get a better look-see.