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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Almost there!

Thank you very much to everyone that listened to the podcast and left me such encouraging comments. That means so much to me!! If you had trouble listening Jennifer has a help page on her site Craftsanity.com that may help you troubleshoot the issue.

And to all the new readers that have found my blog via the podcast I'd like to say "welcome" and I hope you'll stick around for a while!

SCCM I - almost finished!

I have two out of the three items for Super Cool Crochet Magazine-1 all boxed and ready to be shipped. The third one may or may not get shipped today (last day to send it at a reasonable rate. Designers pay their own shipping and so going a tad slower saves some moolah.) If I have to I will send it 2-day or even overnight if that's what it takes. There is still a chance it will be finished today. Hooks crossed!

I will be very glad when I start blogging about projects that I can show you photos of. It's a lot more fun for me!

Mentor is not just a mint...

I received word from the CGOA professional mentor committee. Apparently Crazy Aunt Purl's horoscope for May is scarily accurate. She predicts very good things for Cancerians this month and so far it's working out that way! Remember how I very flippantly and without expectation said that I wondered if Melissa Leapman were available to be my mentor? Was the Universe listening? Does someone at CGOA really read my blog (or my mind...scary!)? I found out yesterday that indeed the uber-successful, uber-talented Leapman has agreed to mentor me. I'm still in shock and very VERY worried I'm going to make donkey's butt out of myself whilst communicating with her.

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